Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing Hair Removal


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Full brazilian (front & back)

$70 $35 $300 BEST SELLER

Full Legs & Bikini

$85 $60  
Bikini $30 $21  
upper lip/chin/sideburns $12 $8  
Eyebrows/Underarms $18 $13  
Full Face $50 $35  
Half Arms $25 $18  
Full arms $40 $28  
Half legs $35 $25  
Full legs $60 $42  
Full back & shoulders $60 $42  
Chest & Abdomen & Shoulders $60 $42  


Try our Toronto waxing services with our great specials on bio-organic wax hair removal, for all your waxing needs, right here in our Yorkville's Day Spa. Benefit from our unbeatable Toronto spa week promotion where from Monday to Friday you get 30% - 50% off on regular waxing pricelist for all waxing services.  From arm waxing to leg waxing, to face waxing, to any waxing service you might need! 

And If you would like a Full Brazilian waxing,  we are offering you 50% off from Monday to Friday! 

Try our multiple waxing package deals by looking at our spa package webpage. Spa waxing service package includes under-arm waxing, half-legs waxing, full legs waxing, bikini waxing, brazilian waxing (for women only) as well as full arm waxing, half arm waxing, full face waxing, upper lip waxing and eyebrow waxing.

Waxing at our Day Spa

Our Spa located in downtown Toronto's Yorkville, offers a variety of professional spa waxing services at affordable prices for the Toronto district in the form weekly discounts and different spa waxing packages.Waxing, as a hair removal technique, has many benefits for the hair follicle, unlike shaving, this semi-permanent process, removes hair at the root for a period of two to six weeks. Our Yorkville Spa uses bio-organic wax, a manageable and less painful option for a breezy hair extraction even in sensitive areas such as the face and the full bikini. Our bio-organic wax is also a gentle hair-removal product that is easier on the skin than most chemically composed waxes. We provide other botanical based skin preparation and skin soothing powders and gels to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Our Toronto Yorkville spa waxing services include underarms, half legs waxing, full legs waxing, bikini waxing, brazilian waxing (for women only) as well as full arms waxing, half arms waxing, full face and eye-brow waxing. Eyebrow design however, is an interesting waxing alternative, where the Toronto spa esthetician will carefully design, shape your eyebrow, by tweezing, based on the shape of the face and eyes. We often receive positive feedback from our Toronto spa clients on the quality of our Yorkville spa's waxing services. All our technicians, have undergone esthetician training to provide a consistent quality in waxing services.

Private Setting for our services

Unlike some Toronto beauty salons, where waxing services are rushed, our Yorkville spa waxing services, are given in private rooms, on the comfortable tables, in a clean and private settings. Just because waxing is painful does not mean, your spa experience must be. We offer all our waxing services in a private room for your own comfort and privacy. You will not feel rushed in any way at our Downtown Toronto Yorkville Spa.

Following the best of Sanitization Standards

At our Yorkville spa, we make sure the waxing environment is carefully sanitized. Estheticians disinfect equipment, change table linen and towels between sessions. Waxing aestheticians use disposable gloves for all the waxing services at J.French Beauty & Spa Yorkville location.

Steps & Products

Our Toronto spa estheticians greet and direct the clients to the appropriate waxing room and gives his or her time to get comfortable on the waxing table. As a first step, the esthetician prepares the clients for waxing by applying a powder based, pre-waxing product to the area to be treated. This facilitates the removal of hair and helps protect sensitive areas. A semi-solid bio-organic wax is carefully applied to the treat area in the direction of the hair growth. The hair is then removed by quick movement for an efficient removal of hair. As a final step, the esthetician applies a soothing gel, that calms irritated pores after waxing.